Monday, March 16, 2009

Alabama Adventure UpSurge-Update

Alabama Adventure is hard at work building their new water park attraction, UpSurge! They've been updating photos of the ride's progress on their site as well.

From the art the park released, seen above, it looks like I was dead on with my prediction that the slide would be a White Water West Boomerango!

The Birmingham Business News recently published a great feature on the park as well, you can find the article here. They speak in depth with the park's General Manager, who's had a long career in the theme park industry, including quite some time with Six Flags.

One big change for the upcoming season is that guests no longer have to pay separate admission for the theme and water parks, it's now all included in one general admission ticket that's still reasonably priced. I'm sure that will do wonders to increase the length of guest stay while visiting the property!