Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy as a...Hornet?

Something is abuzz in Texas, and it does not live in a hive--or at least, not anymore! As Wonderland Park inches closer and closer to opening day, the rides which have taken up residence in the park's new West End area are inching closer and closer to completion. Not least among these newcomers is the previously enclosed Hornet, which recently became the recipient of some brand new magnetic brakes. Today the park's maintenance and office staff were treated to the first rides on this newly rechristened steelie, and they were kind enough to share the fun with us!

Those spiffed up trains sure do look nice!

...Nice enough to ride in, that is!

Seriously, are these folks really at work? I wish my job was this much fun!

Even co-founder Alethea Roads was on hand to take a spin. She and her husband Paul (who, sadly, passed away in 2003) opened "Kiddie Land" back in 1951. About a decade later, the couple began to add adult rides and the name "Wonderland" was born. I'll bet they never imagined how much the park would grow and flourish in the years which followed!

Mrs. Roads is enjoying Hornet from her fourth row seat.

Wonderland Park will kick off its 2009 season on April 4th. The Hornet will be waiting for you. Will you answer its call? You wouldn't want to make it mad...now would you?