Thursday, March 19, 2009

Giving Customers A Launch

CNN Money did a pretty neat feature story on Premier Rides which you can access via this link. Lots of interesting stuff in there about the company, and really the whole industry. It's not often that we get to read about the 'backside' of the industry where parks and manufacturers interact.

One fact I'm hung up on though is Premier Ride's annual revenue being listed as $80 million. I'm not saying that I think that figure is right, or wrong, but what does this company possibly do to bring in that kind of cash each year? Something seems off there.

Another great tidbit is that Giovanola left the business after having to spend too much money on getting Titan at Six Flags Over Texas up and operating, just like how X effectively killed Arrow Dynamics as well.


Ron Toomer Fan said...

Premier is one of the top after market supplier for ride parts. Small ride parts like seatbelts, headrest, and wheels can run upward of several hundred dollars each. And Premier can supply for several types of rides, not just thier own.That's where Premier's revenue comes from.

True said...

Premier Rides is a huge player in the rides parts business. They make replacement parts for many other manufacturers, besides just the rides they designed.

NewsPlusNotes said...

Awesome information, thanks to you both!

BnM Lover said...

I live near their headquarters. Every once in a while, I drive by and they have a model displayed in their entry way.

IntraRide is also headquartered in Millersville MD but I've yet to locate them.