Monday, March 23, 2009

Amusements Returning to Panama City?

The above photo is of the remains of Miracle Strip Amusement Park in Panama City, Florida. The park was closed and going to be redeveloped into condos but that deal went sour and now this is what's left. (and the Starliner coaster ran right through the center of this photo, now closed at Cypress Gardens)

But there's good news! In addition to the existing Shipwreck Island water park, a new development is planned for the area that may one day bring amusement rides back to the beach.

While not exactly on the land that occupied Miracle Strip, more up the road a bit, the new water park is being called "Emerald Coast Waterpark" and would span 13.5 acres. The potential for amusement rides, even a roller coaster, exists according to the mayor.

Zoning changes are required for the park to be built, and if granted the property could open in 2010.

How wild would it be if the Starliner returned to Panama City?


Chris said...

Hey Mike, thanks for putting up the story. It seems win-win; relocate the (now rehabbed, thanks to the previous owners of Cypress Gardens) Starliner back to this part of the state and the park will have instant credibility with all the area's residents and condo owners, who grew up on Miracle Strip. Plus, there will be many enthusiasts who will help sustain tourism outside of the three week spring break window.