Sunday, March 1, 2009

February Poll Results

I'm reluctant to go into much detail on February's NPN poll because it was, sadly, once again spammed by some fool who thought it would be fun to ruin the real results of the poll for everyone.

With that said, I do know for certain that Loch Ness Monster was our winner - it started off strong and continued to get many votes. So congrats to LNM!

As for the spamming, well, Viper at Darien Lake got about 50 votes one day, so cross that off the list, and Tenessee Tornado had the same thing happen - so no thanks there.

I'd say that Vortex at Kings Island was really in second place, and the now departed Drachen Fire, also at Busch Gardens Williams was third.

As always, don't be a doofus and spam our polls, I always notice!


Anonymous said...

Mike, it's a real shame some people ruin the fun for everyone else. Sorry to hear about this.


NewsPlusNotes said...

Thanks for the comment, Matt. It is a shame but that won't stop us! The new poll is already up. :)

Justin said...

I cannot believe people would even take the time to spam a poll. His life must be really horrible.

Unknown said...

Man that's bad that we don't really know what the real results are. I hope this doesn't happen again.