Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sabrina's Brochure Spotlight: Beech Bend Park 2007

Deep in the heart of Kentucky, there is a river named Barren. Around its every bend you will find delightful rolling hills draped in scores of beech trees. But one bend in particular features a whole 'notha kind of wooden masterpiece!

If you're interested in more than just rides, you're in luck at Beech Bend. This fun spot also features a water park, go carts, mini golf, and even an oval racetrack and drag strip. But in 2007, the main event was most definitely the park's one-year-old GCI wooden wonder, Kentucky Rumbler.

The Kentucky Rumbler undeniably put Beech Bend on the enthusiast map. But did you know that "Kentucky's Hometown Park" has actually been welcoming guests since 1898?! This charming traditional park fills its niche well and continues to capture the hearts of families year after year. The "Driving Times" listed in this brochure provide some insight into the prime market area that Beech Bend aims to capture.

For a minimal gate admission fee, you can enjoy everything Beech Bend has to offer with the exception of the rides. Ride tickets can be purchased a la carte, or you can simply "upgrade" your admission to include an unlimited rides armband. Splash Lagoon may be small compared to the water parks you'll find at the chain parks, but it's still pretty amazing that it's included in the general admission cost. If you're not into rides, that's a pretty sweet deal!

You've gotta love a park that's big enough to feature modern, exciting rides such as the Kentucky Rumbler, Wild Mouse, and Power Surge, yet small enough that you'll never have to wait too long to experience them. In many ways, this brochure is reminiscent of the park itself: It's small, but it packs a big punch. Let's hope that Beech Bend and its brochures continue to get bigger and better!