Monday, March 2, 2009

1990 (?) Worlds of Fun Map

Moving things around in my big closet-o-amusement-industry-stuff is always fun because I end up finding treasures like this 1990 park map from Worlds of Fun.

I have the question mark in the post title by the year because I can't be sure it's not from 1989. Timber Wolf was new that year, and the press materials I have are a jumbled mess of items from '89 and also from '90.

The Timber Wolf was - understandably - a huge deal for the park and really put it on the map for enthusiasts and the general public as well. Don't get it wrong, it wasn't struggling before the addition of the ride, but the park started a new era of sorts with the wooden coaster.

But here's the map that this post is supposed to be about. Warning for those clicking on it, it's like a 2 or so mb image.

So what can be seen on this map that's of interest? Let's look...

• The Orient Express is still at the park, the big coaster at the bottom of the map. The Arrow custom looping ride was removed after the 2003 season.
• On the far left we see the Python Plunge wet/dry slide tower - removed a while ago but worth pointing out as that is generally the location of Prowler's station and plaza.
• Also in the Africa section of the park we see the Zambezi Zinger, a Schwarzkopf speed racer coaster, the ride was removed after the 1997 season. You can still ride it if you find yourself in Columbia, though.
• Both entrances to the park, one in Scandinavia and one in Americana, were in use.
• The upper right corner features the Timber Wolf, the still new and super popular wooden coaster.


Unknown said...

This was nice of you to let us see this classic park map of Worlds of Fun. Now I can't wait to see this year's park map.

EMPulse said...

It had to be from 1989. The trams were listed as still being sponsored by Braniff Airlines, and Braniff went out of business in November of that year.