Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Superman's New Trains!

© 2009 Don Treeger / The Republican

Sorting through all the news articles that have come out about Six Flags parks staying open this summer is daunting (although these article are a good thing) - but this one about Six Flags New England had a real gem in it!

Along with the article is this photo of Superman's new trains. You can see they have a slick purple color scheme to match the ride's new paint job. Also, the seatbacks are much higher and have speakers built right into them.

The restrains are similar to what Intamin has used on their trains on newer coasters. No longer is the restraint a T bar, now the restraint connects on both ends. Hopefully this will do wonders for rider comfort, especially for taller passengers.

Here's the old trains for restraint comparison purposes: