Sunday, March 12, 2023

Wildcat's Revenge at Hersheypark Photos + POV Video Update

© Hersheypark
While I've been hibernating the winter away, Hersheypark has been hard at work on Wildcat's Revenge, the Rocky Mountain Construction conversion of the Wildcat wooden coaster into a modern steel tracked thriller.  That's a dramatic introduction, sure, but the new version of the ride looks awesome!

© Hersheypark
The park released these images a while ago, and honestly has made much progress in the weeks since.  Crews did not wait long to start removing the Wildcat's wooden coaster track in order to build up new supports that will handle the crazy steel track they've designed.  The first major element to be constructed is the "world's largest underflip," the rise into which can be seen above.

© Hersheypark
The element comes directly after the ride's 140 foot lift hill/first drop and actually utilizes the former coaster's top-of-the-lift supports and the former first drop.  The new element is much taller that the ride's original lift hill, so RMC just built up the supports to match the harrowing height of the new underflip.

When Wildcat's Revenge was first announced the park did not release the full animated point of view ride video, but they have now!  Not much is really a surprise in this video as we already knew of the coaster's new layout, but it's always great to get extra excited for a new coaster via the ride's animation.  Take a spin below!