Monday, March 6, 2023

Classic Mindbender Schwarzkopf Coaster Has Closed for Good

© West Edmonton Mall
I am well aware that this news broke earlier this year and I'm just getting to it now, but I wanted to still throw a post up to honor Mindbender, which has permanently closed at the Galaxyland amusement park within West Edmonton Mall in Canada.  The coaster hasn't operated in the past couple years and it has been announced that instead of reopening the coaster it will be removed.

Mindbender opened in 1985 at the park, and was created by Schwarzkopf which many of us have a warm spot in our hearts for.  However, many of the designer's large rides have closed in recent years, and so sadly Mindbender is just another on the list.  It's not said yet exactly what will replace the coaster at the Galaxyland amusement park.  For now the park states:

"The iconic Mindbender has been the park’s premier thrill ride since the grand opening in 1985," said Lori Bethel of WEM in a written statement. "While the Mindbender will be missed, we are excited to announce that we are working on groundbreaking new plans for family thrills that will immerse our guests in an out-of-this-world experience."

© West Edmonton Mall
The coaster stands 145 feet tall and features a drop of 127 feet.  The highlights of the ride are the typically nutty forces found on Schwarzkopf rides, plus three vertical loops that are lined up nicely (above).  The coaster hit speeds of 60 miles per hour and had an advertised maximum g-force of 5, which is another telltale sign of a fun Schwarzkopf coaster.  Hopefully you were able to experience this attraction!