Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Cedar Fair Announces Frist Phase of ESports Development at CP Sports Center

© Cedar Fair
The first phase of the planned Esports arena has been announced to open this coming May at the Cedar Point Sports Center in Sandusky, near Cedar Point.  The initial phase is greatly scaled back from the original plans that were released in 2021, but also note that they say this is just a first phase.  Perhaps they need to test the waters to see if interest is there for the larger project first.

The development opening in May will consist of a 1,000 square foot space in the existing building, not any type of actual physical expansion of the center.  Known as Cedar Point Esports, it will feature 32 "competative gaming setups against the backdrop of multimedia video displays that have the flexibility to connect for larger events."  The equipment will be "top-tier" professional and will allow for "practice, competition and extra-curricular play."  The plan is to create Northern Ohio's "premier immersive gaming experience for leagues, camps and clinics."

“Cedar Fair’s long-term strategy is focused on delivering immersive entertainment experiences that differentiate our parks and create an environment where guests want to come back again and again,” said Richard A. Zimmerman, president and chief executive officer. 


Cedar Fair is partnering with North Coast Entertainment to develop and run the facility as an amenity for the Cedar Point Sports Center.  It will be open to visitors and the public as well.  Cedar Fair does note that this first phase will "serve as the gateway from the existing Cedar Point Sports Center to the upcoming larger Phase II expansion.  Future plans for the development are likely to include food, beverage and a larger competitive space."