Sunday, September 12, 2021

Troublesome News Continues for Conneaut Lake Park

© Conneaut Lake Park

The troublesome summer for Conneaut Lake Park has only gotten worse in recent weeks, and now it looks like the new owner's plan to slowly chip away at the park's offerings is continuing.  After limited operations, the removal of several attractions and a blatant refusal to speak about the future of the park, now some of Conneaut Lake's largest attractions are up for sale on a used ride website.

We've had this blog long enough to know that nothing in this industry lasts forever, and it's always sad to see a park close.  This one is especially rough since the park, before the pandemic, seemed to be slowly thriving on its own.  It was a story we followed here for years and years, and it was great to see them turning a corner.  The pandemic left the park with no choice but to suddenly sell to an owner that initially showed promise, but quickly changed everyone's mind on that front.  

Right now you can find several of the park's rides up on  For instance here is the listing for the park's classic Carousel, and here is an Octopus ride that I think was just added this year.  This news story also covers some of the rides that are listed, they're citing that up to six of them are on the website.  I can't say I'm surprised the park's Carousel is up for sale, the new owner probably realized what Carousels can sell for and that was that.

There's no mention of the Blue Streak on the used rides website, but if you look at the recent past of 'saving' or getting someone to purchase an old wooden coaster... there just isn't a market for it.  But let's all hope I'm dead wrong.