Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Sesame Place San Diego to Open March 2022

© Sesame Place San Diego
Sesame Place San Diego has announced that it will be opening to guests in March of 2022, bringing the fun of the Sesame Place characters to the West coast in their own dedicated theme park.  The property is a conversion of Aquatica San Diego, which had its last season as a water park-only property this year.  The crews are now out in full force adding rides and attractions to round out the offerings of the new park.

© Bing Maps
You can actually see that a lot of work was started already for the new rides, as I believe the park was originally intended to open this year... but the pandemic pushed that back.  This aerial shows a lot of ground clearing taking place at the park, and there are even a couple ride foundations already in place.  Fun fact - this park used to be one of Knott's Soak City properties before Cedar Fair sold it to SeaWorld Entertainment.

© Sesame Place San Diego
Sesame Place San Diego will feature many of the park's existing water attractions but also a brand new Sesame Street neighborhood area near the park's entrance.  There will also be rides added, including Super Grover's Box Car Derby, a family roller coaster.  Other listed attractions on the still-under-development website for the park include Abby's Fairy Flight (a Wave Swinger), Elmo's Rockin' Rockets (circular ride), the Sunny Day Carousel and the Rub-A-Dub Sub (a camp bus style ride).

The park will also feature a full parade and other live entertainment, along with new food and beverage and retail options as well.  With work in full gear and an opening date announced, watch for more updates on the new park soon.