Monday, September 6, 2021

Help Kennywood Pick Phantom's Revenge's New Track Color for 2022

© Kennywood
It isn't often that we're able to actually pick the new color scheme of a major roller coaster, but that's exactly what Kennywood is letting fans do.  The park has confirmed that they are repainting the track on the massive Phantom's Revenge roller coaster in 2022, and letting us all vote to decide what color.

It was noticed recently that the park had put some test paint on a section of the track.  You can see a photo of it at this link on Twitter.  There were sections of purple, a teal, and a royal blue.  Parks do this to get a sense of what a new color will look like in natural light.  It was just a few days later that the park announced that they will let fans pick the final color.

© Kennywood
While there were three paint test colors, the park seems to have narrowed it down to two final choices.  The royal blue is out.  Left to choose from we have "Petrifying Purple" and "Terrifying Teal."  They can bee seen above.  Let it simmer a bit and then you can make your final choice at this link that the park has set up.  You can vote once per day through September 8th and please note that the ride's supports will remain black.


Also note that after you vote you can see the current results... I won't say which but one color is dominating right now.

© Kennywood
Phantom's Revenge is a highly regarded coaster in the industry, known especially for some wild "hair time" on the bunny hills it presents to riders.  It opened as the Steel Phantom in 1991 as a custom Arrow Dynamics ride that broke world records with its 225 foot first drop.  It was modified in 2001 by Morgan Manufacturing to remove the ride's inversions, add a few feet to the first drop, and extend the ride overall.  It currently speeds through the 3,200 feet of track at a top speed of 85 miles per hour.