Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Adventureland Adding 10 New Rides and Attractions in 2022

© Adventureland
Iowa's Adventureland is expanding in 2022 with a new ride package that will see the addition of ten new rides and attractions at the theme park.  The additions are aimed at attracting more families to the park, with the new rides catering to the family and kid market.

© Adventureland
In order to add the new rides and attractions the park will be removing three of their existing rides.  Seen above, the park will be removing the Falling Star, Lighthouse and Lady Luck rides.  All are flat rides that have been at the park for many seasons.

The new attraction that the park will offer will be a relocated area for the Des Moines Renaissance Fair, which will move to open space just to the Southeast of the amusement park.  The fair will take play May 7th and 8th and May 14th and 15th, 2022.

© Adventureland
New rides shown in the park's announcement video include:

The Warhawks - looks like a Zamperla Flying Tigers attraction.

Bernie's Swing - a Super Happy Swing also from Zamperla.

The Lighthouse - a new ride from Zamperla called the Pump & Jumpz

The Revolution - a ship themed version of Zamperla's Rockin' Tug

Leap Frogs - a Zamperla Jump Around kiddie ride 

Circus Balloons - one of Zamperla's popular Samba Balloon rides 

The Clipper - a kiddie version of a swinging ship ride

Speedway Racers - a racecar themed kiddie whip ride

Rockin' Rainbow - a larger sized family swing ride

Adventureland hopes to have all the new rides up and running for the park's debut in 2022.  It has been on somewhat of an expansion spree in recent years, adding the large Monster coaster in 2016, the family spinning coaster Phoenix in 2019, and just this year Dragon Slayer - an S&S 4-D Free Spin coaster.


BunnyHugger said...

All that Zamperla and no Kang'A'Bounce? Shame.