Monday, July 12, 2021

The Adirondack Outlaw Opens at The Great Escape

© The Great Escape
The Great Escape has opened their new for 2021 attraction, a super tall flat ride named The Adirondack Outlaw.  The ride takes passengers up to a dizzying height of 164 feet above the theme park, however the ride's placement on a naturally higher part of the park makes that height seem far greater.  The attraction was built in the Ghost Town area of the park, near the Steamin' Demon roller coaster.

The attraction is certainly not for the faint of heart.  the Adirondack Outlaw starts as riders are seated on opposite ends of the giant ride's arm.  The entire ride then starts to rotate in a circle, with the maximum height at the top being the 164 feet.  The ride rotates quickly, at speeds of up to 52 miles per hour.

© The Great Escape
The most thrilling part comes from the fact that the rider carriages at either end of the arm are able to loop around freely, meaning that a good portion of the spinning action is taken either upside down or some other non-level position.  And no two rides are exactly the same, as weight distribution along with good old gravity itself means that the flipping action is different each ride.

Each end of the arm seats 8 riders, four across back to back.  Technically that means that some riders move backwards as well, but with all that spinning is there really much a difference anyway?  It's all thrills all the time on this attraction.

I found the below video on YouTube (via user Charles Wagor III) that shows the Adirondack Outlaw in action.  Be sure to take note of how often the riders are upside down!