Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Conneaut Lake Park Sees Partial Reopening for July 4th Weekend

© Conneaut Lake Park
The new owners of Conneaut Lake Park have been busy cleaning up and renovating the park since they closed on the property this Spring, and this past weekend the park (some of it at least) made its grand debut.  Just in time for the July 4th weekend, Conneaut Lake Park was able to reopen Kiddieland, Splash City and a limited selection of larger amusement rides.

As previously made clear by the park, the classic Blue Streak wooden roller coaster will not be operating in 2021 as they new owners need to have repairs made to it in order to bring it back to life.  They're still working on a plan to see how feasible that is.  They plan to bring other larger rides back online when they're able to get the parts they need - so the ride roster will grow as the summer goes on.  Notably, the Devil's Den is back in operation and several other rides like the Octopus have been added to the park.

 © Conneaut Lake Park
For now the park will operate on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through around Labor Day.  The new owners have not only a focus on operating Conneaut as a classic amusement park, but also as an event area.  The park was able to have a live band near the beach for July 4th, and set off some cool fireworks as well.  This coming weekend they're planning to hold a truck show, with more special events lined up through the summer.

There were a couple good local news articles about the park's reopening that give additional details on the plan for the 2021 season - here is one from the Meadville Tribune and another from the Titusville Herald.  No doubt that more time is needed for the park to get fully up to speed, but from the response on social media it appears as though the park's local fans are super excited for the progress made so far.