Saturday, July 17, 2021

Cedar Point Announces HalloWeekends to Return This Fall + Dorney Park Posts Fall Hours

© Cedar Point
Cedar Point is still hard at work celebrating their 150th anniversary on a daily basis (through August 15th), but has also announced their biggest ever fall season for later this year.  The park will host the return of HalloWeekends, starting September 17th, and this year HalloWeekends will consist of both Tricks and Treats Fall Fest during the day and Haunt at night.

Tricks and Treats Fall Fest started last year at Cedar Point while the pandemic made a traditional Haunt event impossible.  It must have been a hit as it will return again this year.  Haunt is sure to get visitors screaming when darkness falls across the park, with specific details yet to come.

Cedar Point has often seen some of their busiest days during their Fall season, and to help with that they are giving this year's event the largest number of operating days ever.  Starting October 7th, the park will open each Thursday from 6 pm to midnight with only the Haunt attractions open.  Then each weekend Friday through Sunday the park will hold both Tricks and Treats Fall Fest and Haunt each day.  The final operating day for the 2021 season will be Sunday October 31st, Halloween itself.


This is the first time the park is opening Thursdays in the Fall, so that's a big change.  Beyond helping spread out crowds it may also help make up a bit of the lost operating days in June.

© Dorney Park

While we haven't had a full announcement of Fall events yet at Dorney Park, we have seen them update their operating calendar to show that they plan to do a Haunt this year after being closed for it last year.  Right now the event could start on either Saturday September 18th or Friday September 24th.  The calendar shows Friday operating hours through the end of October of 6 pm to 11 pm and Saturday hours of 11 am to 11 pm.  Stay tuned for more as the summer rolls along!