Monday, June 7, 2021

Stunt Pilot Now Soaring in Action at Silverwood Theme Park

© Silverwood Theme Park
Memorial Day weekend marked the grand opening of Stunt Pilot at Silverwood Theme Park, the world's latest Rocky Mountain Construction coaster to begin operation.  I think we can all agree that the more RMCs the better!  With not too many new coasters opening this year, it's even more spectacular that Silverwood was able to add such a thrilling new experience for their visitors.  And for a ride of this caliber, visitors are sure to come from far and wide.

Stunt Pilot is no doubt thrilling, standing 106 feet tall with a terrorizing first drop that sends the in-line trains to a top speed of 52 miles per hour.  The rest of the 1,800 foot layout features plenty of air-time along with tight turns and several inversions.

© Silverwood Theme Park
Stunt Pilot's layout is very similar to two earlier RMC coasters, but changes have been made to improve the rider experience on the 2, 10-passenger trains.  Most notable are changes to the top of the lift before the first drop, but riders reports no lack of air-time on the ride!

Silverwood is honoring their history of previously having live airshows for guests at the park with Stunt Pilot, and the layout includes several close call elements that surround the track along with other theming, like the plane seen above.

If you want to take a spin on Stunt Pilot virtually, check out the POV ride from CoasterForce below!