Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Canada's Wonderland to Welcome Back Visitors Starting July 5th

© Canada's Wonderland

Canada's Wonderland, the last of the Cedar Fair parks to be granted permission to open this year, has made plans to welcome back visitors starting July 5th.  Both July 5th and July 6th will be season pass holder preview events, and starting July 7th the park will open to all visitors.  Right now the park's calendar shows daily operation starting immediately when they reopen, with hours during August being 10 am to 10 pm each day for the theme park.  There are some 8 pm closings listed on weekdays during July.

The park was not able to open at all in 2020, so this will be visitors first chance to take in some thrilling attractions in quite some time.  The park will require reservations to be made to visit in order to control attendance, and masks will be required for all visitors age 2 and above.  Other safety precautions related to the pandemic will also be in effect.

Reservations and daily ticket purchases will be available starting on June 17th at 9 am!

© Canada's Wonderland

Canada's Wonderland had two new attractions lined up to open back in 2020, which were completed and are now new for 2021.  In the park's water park, Splash Works, visitors will be able to take the plunge on Mountain Bay Cliffs, an aptly named cliff jump attraction.  Guests who are 54 inches or taller will be able to jump off of several different heights into the pool below, with the bravest taking on a large 25 foot plunge.

© Canada's Wonderland

In the theme park, visitors with kids will be excited to try out Beagle Brigade Airfield.  The kiddie ride features planes that hang from a track above, moving in an oval shape with some exciting sharply banked turns at either end.  The attraction will allow younger kids to ride with an adult, making for some fun family memories.