Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Six Flags St. Louis to Open Adventure Cove at Hurricane Harbor This Summer

© Six Flags St. Louis
Six Flags St. Louis has announced that they will open a new family attraction this summer in their Hurricane Harbor water park.  Known as Adventure Cove, the multi-level water play area will be a replacement for Hook's Lagoon, a similar water play attraction, which has been retired.  Adventure Cove will take up the same space that Hook's Lagoon utilized, but will offer more modern interactive features.

© Six Flags St. Louis

The theme park promises more information as the mid-summer opening for Adventure Cove approaches, but from these renderings we can get a nice idea of what will be offered.  There are four smaller water slides that come off the back of the structure, perfect for younger visitors not ready for the big thrills yet.  There are interactive water features throughout the structure, including water guns, spinning water wheels and plenty more.  To top it off, there is what appears to be a geyser type of tower that I would expect will dump plenty of water on guests below at a regular interval.

The park will keep the lagoon that surrounds Adventure Cove, which serves as another safe space for younger kids to explore.  There will be plenty of deck chairs in the area for families to use as a home base as well.