Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Hersheypark's Candymonium Starting to Stand Tall In New Photo

© Hersheypark
It's time for Hersheypark's skyline to change forever!  The park has starting to build the lift hill for Candymonium, their new for 2020 B&M hyper roller coaster.  The photo was taken from far back in the undeveloped land that the park recently gained, and makes the height of the ride look even more impressive.  When complete this lift hill will stand 210 feet over Hersheypark, and there's still plenty of more lift to go up before the top is reached.

Candymonium will stretch 4,636 feet in length and as hyper coasters tend to do, will feature a bunch of air-time hills during the layout.  It was pass near the main plaza of the new Chocolatetown near the end of the ride, swooping around an iconic fountain.  If you look close in the background of this photo you can see the giant new building that has gone up to support many of the food and beverage outlets that will be featured in Chocolatetown.

Since the ride was announced in the summer it might be helpful to check out the video of the ride that the park released as a refresher.  Candymonium will be the star attraction of Chocolatetown, but the massive development will certainly change the look of Hersheypark forever.  Coaster construction should continue quickly now that the lift hill is going up!