Monday, October 28, 2019

Cedar Fair to Close Newly Purchased Resort for Six Month Renovation

© Sawmill Creek Resort
Cedar Fair has made good on their promise to heavily renovate the Sawmill Creek Resort, located just miles down the road from Cedar Point, which they purchased back in July.

The company has announced that Sawmill Creek will close down November 4th, and not reopen until late spring or early summer in 2020.  The news isn't really surprising since Cedar Fair said they wanted to do some big renovations when they purchased the resort, and I'm glad that they're moving forward with them.  Originally they said they wanted to do the work over two years, but perhaps they have sped up the process by deciding to shut it down for many months.

I've never been to the resort, but from the photos on their website it does look like it is in need of being modernized.

© Sawmill Creek Resort
This photo is from Sawmill's website, and gives an idea of the 1990s decor that can be found in the rooms.  This isn't a hotel blog though, so we don't need to go into detail there.  But it does feel a bit like some of the rooms that were in Hotel Breakers before its massive, multi-year renovation.

Cedar Fair is expected to utilize Sawmill Creek heavily for the year-round operations at the Sports Force park, also just a little down the road from the property.  Once brought up to the current standards of Cedar Fair's resorts, I'd also expect it to become a popular package destination for those visiting Cedar Point.