Thursday, October 31, 2019

Australia's Dreamworld to Retire Tower of Terror II Intamin Reverse Freefall

© Dreamworld
Originally opened as one of the tallest thrill rides in the world, Dreamworld's Tower of Terror II will be permanently retired on November 3rd.  The park has made the announcement of the coaster's removal as they look ahead to a $70 million expansion that includes a thrilling new launched roller coaster, a huge water slide tower, improvements to their kids area and more.

© Dreamworld
The Tower of Terror II opened in 1997 and stands 377 feet tall.  Created by Intamin, the coaster features an LSM launch at 100 miles per hour to push the individual car up the tower.  Subsequent to the ride's opening a drop tower ride was placed on the back of the main tower, and at one point the ride turned the train around backward and added the "II" to the name.

The park has set up some frequently asked questions about the ride's removal on their website, and really no reason other than its time for it to retire were given.  They do confirm that the tower and attached free fall will remain once the coaster's tracks are removed.

© Dreamworld
While sad to see the removal of an iconic roller coaster, Dreamworld does have an exciting replacement up its sleeve.  The park is planning to open a near copy of Blue Fire at the end of 2020, which is a highly regarded launched Mack coaster.  It will change things up and use a reverse spike to feature multiple launches, and the last car on the train is said to spin freely.  The addition surely makes the loss of Tower of Terror II a bit easier for fans of the park.