Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Dollywood to Premier New Flower & Food Festival for 35th Anniversary Celebration

Dollywood is celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2020 and has announced that an all new festival will debut next season to mark the occasion.  Known as Dollywood's Flower & Food Festival, it will feature "brilliant splashes of spring color with numerous vibrant displays of expertly-manicured flowers and plants created by tremendously-talented horticulturists."  The festival will run May 8th through June 14th, perfect timing for blooming flowers a plenty!

© Dollywood
The park will work in partnership with the internationally acclaimed Mosiacultures flower sculpting team to create "larger-than-life sculptures including a butterfly umbrella, a depiction of Dolly’s mother quilting the Coat of Many Colors, various animal scenes and beautiful environmental imaginations."  Each of the floral creations will stand between ten and fifteen feet tall, and the one of Dolly's mother can be seen in concept art form above.  Looks stunning!

The park has even more surprises in store to beautifully decorate the park for the new festival, an example of that will be on Showstreet where hundreds of colorful umbrellas will be suspended above the pathway to create what the park is calling an "Umbrella Sky."  The park mascots from Wildwood Grove, Flit and Flutter, will also be on had for special meet and greet photo opportunities.

The other half of the festival focuses on food, and the park is creating a vast selection of culinary creations that "take inspiration from spring in the Smokies" with "featured items such as spring beef over crispy potatoes, heirloom tomato and feta cheese galette, savory lime chicken legs over rice pilaf, and caprese skewers with a balsamic reduction.  Refreshing specialty drink options will include pink watermelon lemonade slushy, rose lemon spritzer and fresh violet slushy."