Thursday, April 4, 2019

Take on Tigris at Busch Gardens Tampa Starting April 19th

© Busch Gardens Tampa
Tigris, Florida tallest launched roller coaster, will officially premier at Busch Gardens Tampa on April 19th, the theme park has announced.

The coaster has been seen lately with test riders on it, leading to speculation that the ride will open soon, and it turns out it will!  The park will be able to offer visitors a thrilling new ride well before the summer season, which is a huge benefit for them.

© Busch Gardens Tampa
Tigris features multiple launches that take the trains up to 150 feet above the park at a maximum speed of more than 60 miles per hour.  A sure highlight of the ride experience is a slow heartline roll that fully inverts riders at the maximum height of 15 stories above the park.

To announce the grand opening date of Tigris, Busch Gardens Tampa released a new promotional video showing the coaster in action.  Check it out below and happy riding!


Unknown said...

Going to hit all Florida rollercoaster z for my 60th birthday next summer, and Busch Gardens/SeaWorld is on my ( bucket ) list!