Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Never Too Early to Start a New Coaster Project for SeaWorld San Antonio

New Coaster Location © Google Maps
Last year's leak of new rides an attractions for the SeaWorld Parks has slowly started to come true one project at a time, and now it looks like SeaWorld San Antonio's new for 2020 wooden coaster is both real and already under construction.

For those unfamiliar, reference back to the leaked images that were eventually confirmed by SeaWorld Parks as real - though they were confirmed as potentially planned rides and not 100% set in stone.  Still, the image of the wooden coaster at the Texas park now matches nicely with footers that are already in the ground:

The confirmation of the footings can be found in some new photos that Roller Coaster DataBase shared on social media, above, and also on their site with a new listing for the wooden roller coaster.  And yup, those photos sure do show what appears to be new wood roller coaster footers!

The original leaked images show the ride going up adjacent to the new Turtle Reef area, which is new for this season.  They also pin the ride at around 100 feet tall and 55 or so miles per hour at top speed.  The manufacturer remains a mystery for now, but with heavy construction already underway I can't image it will stay that way for long.  The obvious choices here are Great Coasters International and The Gravity Group.

With the number of traditional wooden roller coasters in North America decreasing in recent years, it's fun to see a new one going up - making this a project to watch for 2020.