Monday, April 29, 2019

Cedar Point's Forbidden Frontier Backstory Revealed + New Concept Art

© Cedar Point
A major update to Cedar Point's website for Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island has revealed not only the area's full backstory, but also new views of what can be expected via new concept art.

The immersive experience previously was detailed (to some degree, at least) in a series of blog posts by the park (starting here), but today the park released another round of fun details.  Guests who meander onto the island will first pass through Snake River Swap, seen above, where they can pass further into the Forbidden Frontier in several ways, ranging from active (pulling across the water in 4 person rafts) to passive (a new boardwalk over the swamp).

© Cedar Point
The rest of the island will combine a variety of interactive elements along with a lot of encounters of the inhabitants of Adventure Island.  The concept art above, as an example, is of a gypsy caravan that visitors can interact with.

The park's backstory for the area goes a little something like this: the island was settled with both adventurers and prospectors who after some time began to feud over their differing ways of life and their quest for treasure.  Commander Etta Fox from Frontier Town was called to settle the area, which led to the island being closed off until 5 years of peace between the clans was achieved.

© Cedar Point
Lucky for us, it's now been 5 years of happy times on the island, and to celebrate "Truce Day" visitors are once again welcomed to explore Adventure Island.  There are still some details of activities yet to be revealed, but the new concept art shows several different areas to visit while on the island.  Interacting with all the inhabitants will eventually lead guests to "unlock the secrets that will ultimately determine the fate of Adventure Island," as Cedar Point puts it.

The first time fans of Cedar Point will get to travel to Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island will be on a special season passholder preview day on May 24th from 11 am until 7 pm.