Saturday, April 13, 2019

Knoebels' 2019 Season to Feature New Tumbling Timbers Ride + More Changes

© Knoebels
Knoebels' 2019 season is set to start on April 27th, just a couple weeks from now.  The park is adding a brand new ride for this season, though it isn't expected to be ready until later in the Spring.

Named Tumbling Timbers, the spinning flat ride is going to give a dizzying experience to many fans of the park.  The ride is one of SBF-Visa's Mini Breakdance attractions, which spins riders in several direction on a large turntable.  The Knoebels instillation will feature theming that will match the look and feel of the classic amusement park.

Check out this video of an example of the ride:

For a small family thrill ride, Tumbling Timbers is going to pack a bit of a punch!  Also keep in mind that in this video the seats are empty, and when full, they will make the individual cars rotate even more.

Knoebels is going to install the new ride back by Fandango, according to their website.

The park will also be replacing their fan-favorite Downdraft flat ride with... another Downdraft!  The original ride had reached the end of its life and since Knoebels' knows that their visitors love it, they ordered up a brand new version of the ride.

Knoebels has also been advertising that their already delicious food line-up will be improved this year.  The park plans to offer treats such as gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and a chicken waffle sandwich, among others.