Friday, May 1, 2015

Tokyo Disneyland Resort Brings Frozen, Alice In Wonderland + More In New Expansions

After announcing a set of giant expansions that will take place at both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea last Fall, the resort is now revealing some additional details.  The expansions will cost the parks around $4.5 billion to complete, and won't open until beyond 2017.

This map of the overall Tokyo Disneyland Resort shows off the changes that will be made.  Tokyo Disneyland is in the pink, and will feature a total redevelopment of Fantasyland, including renovating the existing area and expanding into new land as well.  Tokyo DisneySea will open an entirely new themed port.

© Disney
Thankfully, along with the new details of the area's themes comes some concept art.  This is DisneySea's new port, which will be themed to Scandinavia in general, but most importantly will include the Frozen franchise.  That is not to say the whole Port will be Frozen themed, but you can pretty clearly see the influence of the film and its characters in this art.  The land will include both attractions, shops and dining but no details on exactly what have been released.

This new area will be the 8th themed Port at DisneySea, and will be located to the South of the Lost River Delta area.  Its overall size will be comparable to the park's existing Arabian Coast Port.

© Disney
Tokyo Disneyland will begin the massive undertaking of redeveloping Fantasyland, much like Disney World in Florida did - only even bigger it appears.  When all is said and done Fantasyland will be double the size of the current land.

Above is concept art for a section of the new Fantasyland that will be dedicated to Alice In Wonderland.  Details of the new area are not being revealed just yet, but one might assume there will be at least one major attraction along with retail and food.

© Disney
Another theme for the Fantasyland work that was revealed is Beauty And The Beast, with the above concept art released as well.  This looks somewhat similar to a part of the Florida expansion, only it seems that Beast's castle might be more life-sized in Tokyo.  The smash success of the Be Our Guest Restaurant in Florida will no doubt be worked into the expansion in Japan, though not yet officially confirmed.

With the phenomenally high level of quality and detail already put into the Japanese parks fans have much to look forward to.  Can't wait until even more is released on these projects.