Saturday, May 9, 2015

New Details on PortAventura's Ferrari Land Intamin Launch Coaster

This official ground breaking press event for the new Ferrari Land being build adjacent to PortAventure theme park in Spain was this past week.  As part of the ceremonies some new details on the park's attractions were released, along with an updated concept art image:

© PortAventura
There's some significant changes that have been made to the park, which is still slated to open in 2016, from when it was first announced in March of 2014.  You can compare to that concept art in this post.

First, the Intamin launch coaster no longer has a big speed hill like Kingda Ka, instead it is flat after the tower like Top Thrill Dragster.  Also, it's a bit shorter than we expected, though it will still be the tallest coaster in Europe.  From those in attendance at the ceremony, the ride will stand 112 meters tall, or 367 feet.  The ride will launch at 180 km/hr or just shy of 112 miles per hour, making it the 4th fastest roller coaster on earth.

Also of note is that the freefall rides have been removed from on the coaster's tower, and now there are two stand-alone towers next to it.  No word on the manufacturer of these yet.

The park has also taken on a much more decidedly Italian theme, including themed streets with small shops and eateries, as well as a large copy of the Campanile Di San Marco.  The large building at the center of the park also underwent a full overhaul, now better reflecting Ferrari with the vibrant red color.

Can't wait for construction to go vertical on this project!