Sunday, May 10, 2015

Tayto Park's Gravity Group Wood Coaster Named + New Photos

© Tayto Park
Tayto Park, located in Ireland, has revealed the name and theme for their large Gravity Group designed wooden coaster.  The ride will be called "The Cú Chulainn Coaster," based off of mythological Irish history. 

From the park's website, Cú Chulainn was "an early Irish warrior who defended the province of Ulster against the great army, mustered by Queen Medb of Connacht. Great was his rage as he went into battle, that the ‘warrior light’ rose from his brow.   All feared engaging in single combat with Cú Chulainn as his javelin would tear you apart.”

© Tayto Park
The description of that character is pretty intense, though from these photos it appears the ride may be as well.  The coaster has a 105 foot high lift, 95 foot first drop and nearly 4,600 feet of track.   The ride will feature a highly overbanked turn that will effectively turn passengers upside down - being advertised as the first wooden coaster to do this in Europe.

More recent photos can be found at this link, showing the new coaster as it nears completion.  Tayto Park is planing on a Summer grand opening for the coaster.