Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Mako - B&M Hypercoaster To Open at SeaWorld Orlando in 2016

A brand new Bolliger & Mabillard designed hypercoaster named Mako will debut at SeaWorld Orlando in 2016, the theme park has announced.

The coaster will be themed after the Mako shark, known for its speed and ability to change direction quickly - two attributes that will be utilized on the ride as well.  Upon opening, Mako will be the Orlando area's longest, tallest and fastest roller coaster.

© SeaWorld Orlando
Mako will be located alongside SeaWorld Orlando's existing Shark Encounter, in a two acre area being called the Shark's Realm.  In addition to Mako the area will feature "Sharks Underwater Grill, shops, shark and shipwreck theming and educational experiences" that focus on sharks.   Seen above is the entrance to the new coaster, which will incorporate the track as it flies through a sunken ship.

© SeaWorld Orlando
This wide-view concept art shows off the entire Shark's Realm area.  Mako will interact with the area as the ride swoops over the plaza, then dips down over the parks central lake as a finale.  It will not interact with the water, however special lighting and sound effects both on land and on the coaster's trains will simulate fish scattering as if a Mako shark was on the hunt.  The entire Shark's Realm area will be designed to make it feel as if visitors have entered an underwater shipwreck reef dominated by sharks.

© SeaWorld Orlando
This layout view gives a clear picture of what Mako's ride experience will be like.  The coaster is a true B&M hypercoaster, focused on air-time and speed.  The ride stands 200 feet tall and trains will hit 73 miles per hour over the 4,760 feet of track.  Mako will extend out of the park's main area and wrap around a large pond, with 1,864 feet of track directly over water.  The first element after the drop is a highly banked hammerhead turn, followed by a large air-time hill.  A turnaround is next, and then there will be many additional air-time hills on the journey back to the park - in total nine moments of air-time.

© SeaWorld Orlando
Here is a closer look at the finale of the ride, where Mako dives down toward the park's central lagoon, swooping near the water then heading up into the final brakes.  Depending on which of these concept art pieces you go off of I'm not sure of the final ride colors.  Some show teal supports, one shows dark blue.  The track seems to have purple running rails and ties with either a teal or blue base.  Whichever combination is final it will be an impressive looking ride!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's Busch Gardens Tampa coaster announcement - 2016 will be a very good year for Florida.