Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Details and Layout for Splish Splash's Water Coaster

We covered the addition of Bootlegger's Run to Splish Splash water park last week, and at that time there was no layout for the ride available.  Seen above, that has changed.  The ride, which features a patriotic red, white, and blue color scheme, will feature several steep plunges and hills after the initial lift.

The layout appeared in the Suffolk Times, and the article gives a few new details about the hydromagnetic water coaster.  It will be built by Proslide, and is described as the seventh of its kind on American soil.  The ride's path will stretch 1,000 feet and riders will board and ground level, erasing the need for a climb up any stairs to a launch platform. 

A ride on Bootlegger's Run will last almost two minutes, which is significantly longer than a typical 20 second experience on a water slide, the park reports.  It is great to see another one of these rides being built, they seem to be extremely popular at existing locations.  Here's to seeing even more of them in the future!