Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Silverwood Adding Two New Rides in 2013

After much teasing and toying with fans of the property, Silverwood Theme Park has finally announced their two new ride additions for the 2013 season.  In total, the park will spend $2.2 million to bring the new rides on board.

The first of the two rides will cater to families, and be known as the Barnstormer.  The ride gently rotates two carriages filled with riders in a vertical circle, keeping them upright at all times. The ride was manufactured by Zamperla, and originally opened at another park in the year 2000.

The second new ride will be the big thriller, a gigantic swinging disk ride, standing 104 feet tall.  The ride seats 24 passengers at a time, and is manufactured by VISA International.  Positioned in outward facing seats, riders will experience up to three and a half Gs while the ride is in operation.

The park does not have a name for the attraction yet because they will holding a contest to do so, with details coming soon on the park's website.

Both new rides are expected to be ready when Silverwood Theme Park opens for the season in May.