Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Knoebels Adding StratosFear in 2013!

Great News!  Knoebels has announced that they will be adding a 148 foot tall free-fall ride for the park's 2013 season named StratosFear.  The park posted the above image on their Facebook page, really with no other details than a comment that it will be located across from the bridge that leads to Twister, which puts it in an open space near Flying Turns.

From the image, the tower looks an awful lot like an ARM Manufacturing Super Shot.  That's based off the seating arrangement and the decorative top, at least.  If that proves true, then the park's guests are in for a treat as ARM's Super Shot's are some of the most intense free-falls that I've been on.  The one at Waldameer, X-Scream, really had an amazing kick as it blasted rides downward after holding them at the top to enjoy the view for a bit.

This style of ride is one that Knoebels lacked in their arsenal, so with no doubt in my mind it will be quite popular this coming Summer!