Monday, January 30, 2023

Zambezi Zinger's Curves on Display from Worlds of Fun

© Worlds of Fun
Worlds of Fun has updated two new images to their Zambezi Zinger construction blog and wow, what a pair of photos they are!  When the ride was announced it was made clear from the concept drawings and directly from the ride's manufacturers (Great Coasters Int. and Skyline Attractions) that most of the ride would hug the ground and they weren't kidding.  This image shows much of the "back" of the ride, meaning the furthest out from the lift hill and first drop section.  It is going to feel amazing flying so close to the ground on these wild turns.

© Worlds of Fun
This shot is slightly zoomed in from the first one, showing more detail on the Zinger's many curves - specifically a large s-curve that passes under the hill in the background.  Trains will be Infinity Flyers from GCI, which seat 16 riders in each and that shortened length allow for the tight turns seen here.  Zambezi Zinger was already one of my most anticipated rides for 2023, and these photos have even further cemented that excitement for me!