Sunday, January 15, 2023

Fun Spot America Atlanta Releases POV of ArieForce One

© Fun Spot America Atlanta
Fun Spot America Atlanta has fired up ArieForce One, the park's new RMC roller coaster, and started the testing process.  As we well know after all these years, that means that the park has also released an official point of view virtual ride on the new coaster!  ArieForce Once is one of 2023's most highly anticipated new roller coasters in North America, a tall and fast design from RMC that appears packed with thrilling elements and plenty of air-time.

ArieForce One stands a menacing 154 feet tall and features a 146 foot first drop at 83 degrees, sending the train along the 3,400 feet of track at 64 miles per hour.  Highlight elements include the largest zero-g stall in America and a quadruple down to finish the ride.

Ready to go?  Just click play!