Friday, January 20, 2023

Following Zambezi Zinger Construction with Worlds of Fun

© Worlds of Fun
One of the most exciting projects opening in 2023 (for myself, at least) is the new version of the Zambezi Zinger at Worlds of Fun.  Reincarnated as a wooden roller coaster created by Great Coasters International and Skyline Attractions, the new Zambezi Zinger will feature elements playfully designed to remind visitors of the original steel track ride, but packed with the thrills of a modern coaster.  

The Zambezi Zinger will feature Hybrid Titan Track on the spiral lift hill, then a fast wood-track layout that stays close to the ground and even features a tunnel.  It will utilize GCI's new Infinity Flyer Trains that can maneuver tight turns and hills, giving an even more thrilling ride.

© Worlds of Fun
And best of all, the ride has been vertical for some time now!  The park has started a construction blog that you can follow along with that gives occasional updates on the ride's progress.  From this blog we can know for sure that track is now standing, and that...

© World of Fun
...the ride's station and transfer area is being constructed!  If you click through to see more from the park you can see that some of the ride's Titan Track for the lift hill is also on site!  Hopefully we get some additional photos of the vertical construction soon, as I'm sure there are a ton of footers and more in place on the worksite.