Sunday, November 20, 2022

Lagoon Announces Primordial Interactive Coaster to Open in 2023

© Lagoon
It's been a long time in the making, but after around 7 years of development and construction Lagoon Amusement Park has announced that Primordial will open to visitors in 2023.  The long awaited partially-indoor roller coaster has been designed as a family attraction with riders as small as 36 inches able to ride with an adult who is at least 48 inches tall.

Official details of what Primordial will offer are still murky, even with the official announcement of the ride's opening.  For now Lagoon is only stating that they have "worked with an international team of designers and manufacturers, including amazing local companies and vendors, to create and produce this incredible state-of-the-art attraction."


This news article does give a bit more information, and some recent photos of the giant mountain structure that the park built to contain most of Primordial's track as well.  The park touts the attraction as interactive, which ties to the dragon and other characters than can be seen in the preview video at the bottom of this story.  Many speculate that the indoor section of the ride will be the interactive portion, with riders possibly having the ability to battle the creatures within.


As with the park's most recent roller coaster additions, Primordial has been largely constructed "in-house" as the park coordinated its design and construction using a plethora of industry contractors. 

For now that's about all we've got, below is the park's teaser just released for Primordial - very Game of Thrones inspired it seems!


BunnyHugger said...

I hope it isn't just a shooting section. I'm really, really tired of shooting dark rides, especially when the objective is to kill interesting creatures (looking at you, Wonder Mountain's Guardian).