Friday, November 18, 2022

Alberto Zamperla

The very first interview we ever did at IAAPA was in 1999 with Alberto Zamperla, president and CEO of Zamperla SpA. I was very nervous and he told me I was doing just fine. Over the years we found out just how much he meant to Give Kids the World and amusement parks worldwide. Zamperla was constantly donating rides to the Give Kids the World Village and using the technical information they learned to improve rides for the rest of their customers. Carol used to take picture of the presentations and for many years he kept trying to pay her for them and she told him if he could donate and entire ride she could surely donate a few photographs.

Alberto Zamperla was inducted into the IAAPA Hall of Fame in 2019 and Zamperla hosted a celebration with cake and champagne at the massive booth during the last hour of the show that day. When they cut the cake he handed her the first piece and told her to put the camera down and enjoy the cake. And of course she did, because when Mr. Zamperla speaks, people listen. He is probably reading this right now still telling us "My name is Alberto," but we could never bring ourselves to call him that.

Despite all the accolades, he always treated everyone very well, and many times told us that he treated ideas from everyone in the Zamperla organization equally because they brought new perspectives to be considered. It has been said by many that no man stands so tall as when he stoops to help a child, so Mr. Zamperla was a true giant. The thousands of GKTW campers who got their first experience of feeling the motions of a ride are a testament to how large his heart was during his time with us. The world is a better place because of his presence and his legacy will continue.

Our hearts go out to all the members of the Zamperla family, and if you are a true amusement park enthusiast, hold a positive thought for them in their time of need. Maybe the next time you go a park, take a ride on a Zamperla product in memory. It will do you good.

Scott & Carol