Monday, November 21, 2022

Kennywood Adding Zamperla Flat Ride for Park's 2023 Season

© Kennywood
Kennywood Amusement Park will be looking to the skies in 2023 when they debut a brand new area, known as Area 412, which will be themed to extra-terrestrials - aka aliens.  The renovated area will feature an existing ride, a Disk'O now named Cosmic Chaos, which has been prettied up with new paint and a new name.

The star attraction of Area 412 is Spinvasion, a circular spinning ride that's out of this world... you could say.  Spinvasion is one of Zamperla's Gryphon rides, which is kind of like a modern Enterprise ride but with one-seater cars and it doesn't go up 90 degrees in the air.  Instead, the ride's carriages undulate up and down as it spins, creating a wavelike appearance that's neat to watch from the ground.

© Kennywood
Kennywood is advertising the new area and its attractions under the Battle For The 'Burgh slogan, however they note on their site that these aliens are friendly and the battle is actually against "evil Crab Bots."  It'll be interesting to see how the area turns out, the park was already doing to painting and theming before it closed for the year in the Fall.  The park also promises an Area 412 Gift Shop which should contain some cool merchandise themed to the Battle For The 'Burgh slogan, no doubt.