Monday, August 29, 2022

Six Flags Over Texas Closing Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast on September 11th but Not for Forever

© Six Flags Over Texas
Six Flags Over Texas has announced that the last chance to ride Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast will be on September 11th, but not the last chance forever!  The park has made it clear that the ride is not going away permanently, just... for now I guess?  The tweet where they shared the news specifically asks fans if they think the ride "is really going away" and quickly answers their own question with "not a chance!"

© Six Flags Over Texas
So the coaster is having its final rides but not really final forever... this must mean they are just making changes to the ride, giving it a retheme possibly, or more likely changing the directions of the trains.  The coaster opened in 1998 and launched the trains forward through the layout, up the spike, then backward.  In 2012 the trains were turned around so the launch is backward, but since it's a shuttle coaster riders go forward and backward no matter what.

So, while the ride is closing for now, it looks to have a continued future at the theme park for sure.  With Six Flags apparently spending very little on ride capital for 2023 I think these types of rethemes will be a popular 'addition' at many Six Flags parks in the near future!