Monday, August 22, 2022

ArieForce One Making Progress at Fun Spot America Atlanta

© Fun Spot America Atlanta
We haven't forgotten about the giant new RMC roller coaster being built at Fun Spot America Atlanta - named ArieForce One - thanks to the park posting new photos of the ride's progress at regular intervals.  The park made some big progress recently when they got the ride's Raven Truss Drive completed.  The element is the ride's second - after the imposing first drop - and features a unique support structure that feeds into its name.

© Fun Spot America Atlanta
The rest of the ride is progressing as well - although much more slowly than we all expected.  The ride's far turnaround has been completed for a few weeks now, featuring a low to the ground profile.  But right now the Raven Truss Dive is the element that's drawing attention to the coaster once again.

We'll have to watch to see how quickly the mid-section of ArieForce One goes up, but the station area is just underway now and there's a lot of technical components to that yet to be built.  That's why stations are almost always one of the very first elements of a coaster standing!  Stay tuned.  You can see more of the recent images from the park here and here.