Saturday, August 13, 2022

Cedar Point to Open The Boardwalk Themed Area + New Wild Mouse Coaster in 2023

© Cedar Point
There have been rumors of an addition to Cedar Point named the "boardwalk" for almost as long as I can remember... and now the park is building just that - The Boardwalk - a new themed area for 2023.  The park will totally be renovating the former Lakeside Midway are to include a fantastic new dining option, a new coaster and the relocation of a couple of the park's flat rides.  There may not be an actual boardwalk far as I can tell, but the development looks great nonetheless.

“The Boardwalk is our vision of what the classic Cedar Point Boardwalk would have felt like long ago: the sights, the sounds, the electricity of the experience – this new area captures it all,” said Carrie Boldman, vice president and general manager of Cedar Point. “Lakeside attractions have always been a part of Cedar Point’s 153-year history, and that tradition lives on. We can’t wait for our guests to enjoy this stunning new centerpiece of summertime fun.”


© Cedar Point
Check out this aerial drawing of how the new Boardwalk section will look.  You can click on it for a much larger version.  The new Grand Pavilion dining facility will take up a portion of Wicked Twister's former location, and the new Wild Mouse roller coaster and the relocated flats will finally fill in the former high dive theater's plot of land.  There will be additional theming, landscaping and nice rest areas built into the addition as well.  Of course the entire addition will feature great views of Lake Erie just next door as well.

© Cedar Point
The Grand Pavilion is a beautiful, two story tall new food and bar location, set right on the beach on the edge of The Boardwalk area.  The design mimics the park's original Grand Pavilion which opened in 1888 and looks beautiful in the drawing shown here.  The facility will contain a "restaurant featuring culinary items not found anywhere else in the park (plus many traditional favorites), a lake view bar for relaxation and conversation, indoor and outdoor seating plus viewing decks with unparalleled panoramas of Cedar Point, the Cedar Point Beach and the Lake Erie shoreline."  The project sounds like a powerhouse for the culinary department at the park, capable of feeding a lot of park guests quickly.

© Cedar Point
The park will also debut their 18th roller coaster, the Wild Mouse, as a centerpiece of the new area.  The ride is also a throwback to the park's original Wild Mouse roller coaster, but this new one will be one of Zamperla's "Twister Coaster Freeform" models, standing 52 feet tall with 1,312 feet of track.  The individual cars will be mouse themed and capable of spinning freely throughout the ride.... plus one car is themed to cheese - of course.

The Boardwalk will also see the park's Matterhorn flat ride moved to it, along with the park's Scrambler - which will be renamed the Atomic Scrambler.  These rides will join the Giant Wheel, Trokia, Tiki Twirl (which will be renamed Calypso), Dodgem, GateKeeper and WindSeeker as The Boardwalk's ride offerings.

You can also check out Cedar Point's official announcement video for The Boardwalk at this link.