Sunday, October 3, 2021

SeaWorld San Antonio Takes Tidal Surge Vertical As Construction Progresses

© SeaWorld San Antonio
SeaWorld San Antonio is currently at work building their new for 2022 attraction, the largest S&S Screamin' Swing in the world that has been named Tidal Surge.  Work on the project has been taking place at the park for some time now, but since the ride's announcement in August things have really kicked into high gear.

© SeaWorld San Antonio
The park has shared a new video on Facebook that has the park's leader explaining the ride and showing off the construction so far.  Tidal Surge is now vertical, with the start of the ride's supports standing.  This also allows us to get a nice look at the paint job the supports have, which seem to pretty closely mimic the concept art featured up top.  The full video update is available at this link.

When complete, Tidal Surge will stand 105 feet tall and the pendulum arms will swing riders up to a maximum of 135 feet above the park (and its lake).  The arms will travel a blazing 68 miles per hour as they extend to 230 degrees outward from their starting position.  SeaWorld San Antonio promises more updates on the new attraction as construction continues, so stay tuned.