Sunday, October 10, 2021

Luna Park's Slated 2020 Expansion Back On For 2022

© Luna Park
Coney Island's Luna Park is getting back on track with a large expansion they had planned for the 2020 season, which was obviously interrupted by the pandemic.  The park never opened at all in 2020, but seems to be having a good season this year so far.

They recently announced that they will be moving forward with the rides and attractions they had planned for the 2020 season, all set to open in 2022.  One large plot of land will features a new family roller coaster intertwined with a traditional log flume.  There will also be a new Sky Ropes course that will challenge visitors with their skills.  Several former streetways that connect the different sections of Luna Park will be turned into pedestrian park areas, giving room for relaxing, holding events and offering food and beverage.


The existing Luna Park is set to build Zamperla's first Big WaveZ, an interactive water attraction that is quite unique and should be a huge hit at the park.


You can time warp back to our stories on the expansions back in 2019, located here and here, for some additional details on what is planned.

© Luna Park
The new family coaster is called the "J2SK Coaster" in this news article, and the log flume referred to as the Super Flume.  Not sure if those are names the park is using just for now, or if they are the final attraction names.  The news article also says that Luna Park's operations covered 300k square feet previously, and these expansions will add another 100k square feet, so this is really a very significant expansion for the park!