Thursday, October 14, 2021

Christmas In Color to be Featured at Dorney Park This Winter

© Christmas In Color
A brand new drive through spectacle of lights will be taking place at Dorney Park this winter, named Christmas In Color.  The event will be held in the park's parking lot starting on November 19th.  The park hasn't formally announced the event yet, but you can already purchase tickets to it and the local paper has also picked up the story - so it seems pretty confirmed to me.

© Christmas In Color

Christmas In Color is a drive through light event in which guests can make their way through the given path, and soak in more than a million holiday lights.  These type of drive through light displays have long been popular around the holidays, but really picked up in popularity as the pandemic began.  Guests are able to stay safely in their cars with their families and friends and enjoy a nighttime activity that celebrates the holidays in dazzling lights.

The display is put on by Wonder Entertainment, which will be holding Christmas In Color at nine different sites this season.  One of them includes a fellow Cedar Fair park, Valleyfair, which started the event last season.  Wonder Entertainment also puts on other events such as "Light the Sky, Glow Festival, North Pole Festival, and many more" according to their website.


© Christmas In Color
At Dorney Park the event will run nightly (except Thanksgiving and Christmas Day) starting November 19th through January 2nd.  Tickets are $35 per car, but you can also get a special VIP package for $60 per car that includes some fun extras like skipping the general line, diffraction glasses, light bulb necklaces, candy cane batons and more.  Tickets and a time to visit must be purchased ahead of time online.


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