Monday, May 24, 2021

The Jersey Devil Coaster Now Testing at Six Flags Great Adventure

© Six Flags Great Adventure
Six Flags Great Adventure started testing on The Jersey Devil Coaster late last week, and has shared some amazing aerial footage of the event.  The new coaster, which is a triple record-breaking instillation, was sent roaring through the Pine Barrens on its journey over 3,000 feet of thrilling track.


The park's engineering and maintenance staff are working to complete an extensive testing schedule on the world's tallest, fastest and longest single-rail coaster.  The park is currently loading water filled test dummies to simulate human passengers, and these can be seen in the in-line trains in the footage.

The Jersey Devil Coaster stands 13 stories tall, hits a maximum speed of 58 miles per hour and a trip on the coaster is highlighted by five intense elements including three inversions.  The ride will use twelve passenger trains, with each car seating only one person with their legs straddling the monorail track.  The coaster's first drop dives toward the ground at an impressive 87 degrees.

Check out the amazing footage below!

  Six Flags Great Adventure has also released some point of view footage of a ride on The Jersey Devil Coaster, you can see that at this link.  The park plans to announce an opening date for the roller coaster soon.