Monday, May 17, 2021

Stunt Pilot Makes First Test Run at Silverwood Theme Park

© Silverwood Theme Park
Silverwood Theme Park has successfully completed the first test run of Stunt Pilot, the park's brand new Rocky Mountain Construction Raptor style coaster.  Obviously this represents a very big moment for the park!  The ride made it through the first test run with ease, with the in-line single seater train roaring through the ride's layout with no issues.

The park immediately released a video of the ride taking on the course, check it out below!

The new video also gives us a great look at the changes made to the 180 degree turn that takes place at the top of the lift before the first drop.  The previous Raptor models featured a swooping turn with a hill that leads into the drop, but with the longer trains there is a more subdued, level turn followed by the steep drop.  Still looks like there will be incredible air-time on that drop on the seats near the end of the trains!

There are some additional small design changes that are incorporated into the ride to accommodate the ten seater trains, but the general layout follows that of the earlier models of the Raptor.  The park is planning on opening Stunt Pilot on May 29th!